Think Planet

Think Planet commitments

Reduce Carbon footprint by 10% by 2022 compared to our 2017 baseline by reducing our energy consumption and increase the use of renewable energy.

Reduce Water footprint by 10% by 2022 compared to our 2017 baseline, continue reducing water consumption and installing water saving devices in guestrooms.

Continue to reduce the amount of waste we produce and increase the percentage of waste which is recycled.

Radisson is an industry pioneer in the area of environmental sustainability. In 1989, we were a part of the first hotel group in the world to adopt an environment policy. In 2012 we began to define clear Think Planet targets for to reduce our environmental footprint and measure progress. We’ve also committed to the hotel industry’s International Tourism Partnership 2030 goals which aim to align with science-based Targets and best practice water stewardship.

Radisson Hotels also have operational procedures in place to reduce the consumption of water and the generation of waste in our business every day. Investments in environmentally friendly technologies are made to maximize savings. Employee awareness is raised through dedicated training and communication campaigns.

Think Planet is both good for our business and good for our planet!